Veteran's Benefit Program

For questions or more information, please contact

Maggie Cassara
Loan Admininstration Officer
702-486-7220 ext. 222


We're proud to provide the dream of homeownership to our HONORED VETERANS!

The Nevada Housing Division, a Division of the Department of Business and Industry, is pleased to announce that with the passage of the Heroes Assistance and Relief Tax Act of 2008, all exemptions temporarily offered to Veterans are now permanent.

How does this benefit our Honored Veterans?

  • "Qualified" Veterans are EXEMPT from First Time Homebuyer requirements
  • Qualify for below market loans
  • Lenders can use all eligible loan types for financing and are not limited to just "VA" loans

Who is a "Qualified" Veteran for the First Time Homebuyer exemption?

  • Any Veteran that served on active duty, and
  • Any Veteran with a discharge other than dishonorable

    HERO to HOME Mortgage Program Information

    HERO to HOME Mortgage Program is designed to honor those who are currently serving or have served our country with the realization of home ownership. NHD is proud to partner with private sector approved mortgage lenders to make this opportunity a reality.

    Who is eligible for the Hero to Home mortgage rate?

    First Time Homebuyers that are:

    • Veterans who have been honorably discharged (no time limit from the end of active service date)
    • Those serving on active duty
    • National Guard service personnel

    HERO to HOME Snapshot

    HERO to HOME Flyer

    Hero to Home Brochure