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Note: Some of the exhibits are formatted as a Microsoft Word 6 template. Once you download the file it will open in Microsoft Word, tab into each gray box and type in your information. Use the tab key to move to each location. To use check boxes, double click on the box and a checked box will appear; if you double click again, a blank check box will appear.

    HOME and LIHTF Compliance Manual Exhibits

     Exhibits Description 
    Exhibit A Household Characteristics Report
    Exhibit B Move-In Move-Out Report 
    Exhibit D Annual Contract Activity 
    Exhibit F Welfare Set-Aside Client Information Report 
    Exhibit J Minority & Women Business Outreach Program 
    Exhibit K Affirmative Marketing Program 
    Exhibit L Reporting Instructions 
    Exhibit M State Recipient Quarterly Report of Compliance 
    Exhibit N (Projects) Risk Assessment Worksheet 
    Exhibit N1 Risk Assessment Worksheet 
    Exhibit O   Environmental Review Procedures (includes documents below)
      2017 Public Notice of HOME
      2018 Guidelines
      2017/2018 HOME LIHTF New Const. App
      2017/2018 HOME LIHTF Rehab App
      2017 TBRA App
      RER- Rehab Environmental Review
      RER- Appendix A 2013
      LIHTF Draw Form
      LIHTF Project Set-up Form
      ER for Residential Leasing Activities
      EA Format 
      Level of Review for Part 50 and 58
      Environmental Review Items to be Addressed in Application
      Statutory Worksheet Instructions 2011
      Statutory Worksheet
    Exhibit P   Program Bulletin Annual Rent Approval
    Exhibit P1   Annual Rent Approval Form