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Landlord/Tenant Relations

Placing or Buying Your Home in a Rental Community
You may want to place your home on a leased site in a community specifically planned for manufactured housing. If you are interested in a rental community, visit several in the area where you wish to live. Find out what each community offers and the differences among them, including financial aspects.

    Questions to Ask
    There are several questions you will want to ask before deciding upon a particular community.

    • Is a written lease required and, if so, for how long?
    • What are the charges for utility connections or other services?
    • Who will be responsible for ground maintenance, snow removal, refuse collection, street maintenance, and mail?
    • What are the community's rules and regulations?
    • Are there any special requirements or restrictions when you sell your home?
    • How often will the space rent increase? 

    Mobile Home Community Approval
    Almost all communities require that a prospective purchaser of a manufactured or mobile home be approved by the landlord as a tenant before the purchase is final. Be sure you have the approval in writing before committing to the purchase. The landlord is required to provide you with a current copy of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Chapter 118B at the time you sign the rental or lease agreement.

      The Division’s Landlord/Tenant Investigators are responsible for investigating complaints involving tenants and park management or owners. The Investigators make sure that both the residents and landlords comply with NRS 118B, which protects the rights of both tenants and park management. All complaints must be made in writing or you can email your complaint to All complaints to the Division and are considered confidential. In some cases, mediation may be required by the investigators to resolve the dispute.

        Manufactured Home Parks

        The Nevada Housing Division - Manufactured Housing - works closely with Manufactured Home Parks in coordinating reporting and payment of annual fees, park management and owner records, and helping solve disputes between tenants and their park management. To accomplish these tasks, the Division has authority under NRS 118B and NRS 461A.

        Those "trailer homes" of the past have gone the way of the Edsel and the eight-track tape. Manufactured housing continues to grow in popularity for a wide range of homebuyers. The exceptional affordability of manufactured homes places home ownership within the reach of many households who are priced out of the market for site-built homes.

        The exterior and interior designs of manufactured homes resemble those of site-built homes today and offer many of the same amenities: brand name appliances; fireplaces; walk-in closets; and spacious floor plans.

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