National Housing Trust Fund

National Housing Trust Fund

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allocates Housing Trust funds by formula annually. The State of Nevada is a grantee of the Housing Trust Fund (HTF). Nevada is required to use at least 80 percent of each annual grant for rental housing; up to 10 percent for homeownership.

    HTF funds may be used for the production or preservation of affordable housing through the acquisition, new construction, reconstruction, and/or rehabilitation of non-luxury housing with suitable amenities. All HTF-assisted units will be required to have a minimum affordability period of 30 years.

      Eligible activities and expenses include:
      • Real property acquisition
      • Site improvements and development hard costs
      • Related soft costs
      • Demolition
      • Financing costs
      • Relocation assistance
      • Operating cost assistance for rental housing
      • Reasonable administrative and planning costs

        Eligible forms of assistance include:
        • Equity investments
        • Interest-bearing loans or advances
        • Non-interest bearing loans or advances
        • Interest subsidies
        • Deferred payment loans
        • Grants
        • Other forms of assistance approved by HUD

          National Housing Trust Funds Resources

          Agency Contact:

          Phone: (775) 687-2240
          Toll Free: (800) 227-4960