Nevada Housing Market Data 2(a)

(a) Provides for an annual assessment of the affordable housing market at the city and county level, including data relating to housing units, age of housing, rental rates and rental vacancy rates, new home sales and resale of homes, new construction permits, mobile homes, lots available for mobile homes and conversions of multifamily condominiums.

Housing Market Data 2(a)

Housing Characteristics

Selected Housing Characteristics From ACS Estimates.

Supportive Housing/Group Homes

Supportive Housing & Group Homes & Skilled Nursing Facilities

Age of Housing

ACS Estimates For Number of Housing Units By Year Built.

Rent and Vacancy Trends Zillow Rent Series

Rent and Vacancy Trends Zillow Rent Series for NV Cities

Rent Affordability Statistics

National Low Income Housing Coalition, Rents Affordable To Families At Different Income Levels

Single Family Home Sales Data

Lied Institute Report on Nevada's Housing Market

Housing Opportunity Index

NAHB/Wells Fargo Share of Homes Affordable To Families With Median Income

Nevada Building Permits

Report On New Residential Construction Building Permit Trends

New Construction Permits

FRED Data: Housing Units Authorized By Building Permits