Continuing Education

Park Managers

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 118B.086, all Manufactured Home Park Managers and Assistant Managers are required to complete 6 hours of continuing education annually, relating to the management of a manufactured home park.

For continued education courses, please reach out to Manufactured Home Community Owners (MHCO): 775-622-9641.


    With the exception of Specialty Servicepersons and Manufacturers, all licensees are required to complete 8 hours of continuing education every two years. The Continuing Education Certificates showing a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education must be submitted with the renewal application on or before the expiration date of the Division license. Nevada Revised Statute 489.323

    Due to the limited subject matter of the classes offered online, alternate educational resources may be acceptable.
    If you decide to utilize an alternate educational resource, you must first contact the Education Officer for approval.

      Suggested alternate classes could include:

      • Seminars or conferences related to the repairs of Manufactured Structures
      • University classes related to Manufactured Housing Industry
      • Product trouble shooting seminars relatable to the Manufactured Housing Industry
      • Industry product introductions

        You must obtain pre-approval from the Education Officer of MH prior to taking the class. To request approval for an alternate class, please provide the Education Officer with the following information:

        • Name of company, contact info and/or website of the resource
        • Course description
        • Credit hours to be given

        Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for the Education Officer to approve the course.

          Dealer, Salesperson and Responsible Managing Employee (RME) Dealer Courses

          • Key Realty School : 702-313-7000 

            General Serviceperson

            • Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI): 703-558-0400