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Low-Income Housing Database

The Housing Division is required to create and maintain a statewide low-income housing database. To meet this mandate the Division funds an on-line locator service and call center called NVHousingsearch.org. In addition, the Division produces periodical reports on Nevada's low-income housing supply and demand and makes housing related data and links available. Where possible data is broken out at the county level. Data is also available where possible for unincorporated Clark and Washoe County, and the cities of Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Reno and Sparks.

    Housing Market Data (Part 2a)
    Part 2a contains data, data-links or reports about the type of housing Nevadans live in (single family, multi-family, mobile home or other types), the age of the housing, rents and vacancies, home sale statistics, construction permits, and condo conversions.

      Housing Needs Data (Part 2b)
      Part 2b contains data, data-links or reports about the housing needs of Nevadans including tabulations of rent burden, overcrowding or substandard housing for homeowners, renters, seniors, persons with disabilities. Other occasional reports on special needs of veterans, homeless, recovering drug users and domestic violence survivors are available in this section.

        Low Income Housing Supply (Part 2c)
        Part 2c contains an inventory of subsidized and other low-income housing in Nevada as well as maps and reports about this housing.

          Economic and Demographic Overview (Part 2d)
          Part 2d contains data, data links and reports on demographic and economic variables and their relationship to low income housing demand.

            Domestic Violence Housing Report (Part 2e & f)
            Part 2e and f contains a report on the number of public housing units and Housing Choice Vouchers set aside for domestic violence survivors, and on the number of domestic violence survivors whose rental assistance through those programs has been canceled.

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