Developer Information

The Division allocates Low-Income Housing Trust Funds annually to Participating Jurisdictions based on the most recent state estimate of the population in the jurisdiction area. Applications must be submitted to the Participating Jurisdiction located in the area of the proposed project.

    Eligible Activities

    Trust Funds may be used to develop and support affordable rental housing through Acquisition, New Construction, Reconstruction, Moderate or Substantial Rehabilitation, Site Improvements, Conversion, Demolition and certain finance costs. Trust Funds may also be used for technical assistance if the technical assistance is treated as a project cost and is a partial determinant of the term of affordability. Acquisition of vacant land or demolition must be undertaken only with respect to a particular housing project intended to provide affordable housing.

      Participating Jurisdiction Contact Information

      Units of local governments, public Housing Agencies, private non-profit agencies, housing developers, sponsors, etc. wishing to receive Trust Fund activity should direct their inquiries to the Participating Jurisdiction in the area of the proposed project:

        Clark County Community Resource Management (702) 455-5025
        City of Reno (775) 334-2578
        City of Las Vegas (702) 229-6850
        City of Henderson (702) 267-2025
        Nevada Housing Division (all other rural areas) (775) 687-2232 or 1-800-227-4960 ext 72232