LIHTC Compliance Manual and Exhibits

Compliance Manual

Housing Disaster Relief

Low Income Housing Tax Credit Policies and Procedures Manual Exhibits

 Exhibits Description 
Exhibit    Policy Regarding 2012 LIHTC Rent & Income Limits (effective 1/14/12)
Exhibit A   2015 Revised Income and Rent Limits (effective 3-6-15)
Exhibit A.1/B.1  2015 HERA Income and Rent Limits (effective 3-6-15)
Exhibit A.2 2018 Income and Rent Limits (effective 4-2-2018) 
Exhibit C Owner's Certificate of Continuing Program Compliance (updated 7/20/17) 
Exhibit C.1 Owners Contact Information Form (updated 8/16) 

Exhibit C.2

Utility Allowance Certification Form
Exhibit C.3 Non-profit Addendum and Instructions
Exhibit D  Projects with HOME/LIHTF, Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Other
Federal Programs 
Exhibit E  Building/Unit Setup Form 
Exhibit E.1 Request for Manager/Employee/Exempt Unit
Exhibit F  Post Year 15 LIHTC Compliance & Monitoring Procedures (revised 1/4/10) 
Exhibit G  NHD Race Ethnic Data Form (revised 2/11/16) 
Exhibit NV-1 NHD - LIHTC Tenant Income Certification
Exhibit NV-1a  TIC Addendum (revised 10/26/09) 
Exhibit NV-1b  Instructions for Completing the Tenant Income Certification (NV-1) and TIC Addendum (NV-1a) 
Exhibit NV-1c LIHTC Program Alternate Certification (updated 05/25/2017) 
Exhibit NV-2 Employment Verification (updated 8/11) 
Exhibit NV-2a  Fax HEADER Clarification Form 
Exhibit NV-2b  Certification of Tip Income (updated 2/11/16)
Exhibit NV-2c  Self-Employment Affidavit, Existing Business (updated 11/15) 
Exhibit NV-2c.1  Self-Employment Certification, For New Business (updated 11/15) 
Exhibit NV-2d Unemployed/Non-employed Applicant Affidavit (updated 10/17)
Exhibit NV-2e Certification of Zero Income (updated 10/17)
Exhibit NV-2f  LIHTC Program Affidavit of Alimony/Child Support (updated 4/9/09) 
Exhibit NV-2g  Self-certification of Unborn Child/Adoption/Custody (updated 8/11) 
Exhibit NV-2h  Recurring Gift Verification
Exhibit NV-2i  Under $5000 Asset Certification
Exhibit NV-2j  Real Property Calculation (updated 2/18/16)
Exhibit NV-3 LIHTC Program Student Status Certification (updated 8/16) 
Exhibit NV-4 Verification of Need for Live-In Aide 
UPCS Uniform Physical Condition Standards  New as of 12/1/2013
AFHMP Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan