Set-Aside Guidelines

Fifteen percent of Low-Income Housing Trust Funds must be set-aside for use by the Welfare Division, or by public or non-profit entities. These funds are hereby referred to as Welfare Set-Aside funds, and may be used to provide emergency assistance subject to the following:

    1. Entities requesting funds under this section must adopt regulations governing the use of the money and submit them to NHD for review prior to receiving the funds;
    2. The funds received under this section must be used solely for activities relating to low-income housing that are consistent with provisions of this instruction: housing assistance (mortgage payments, rent payments and deposits, etc.) utility payments and deposits, and security deposits;
    3. The money must be made available to individuals and families whose income is at or below 60% of Median Income (15% of the clients served must be at poverty level, or 30% of Median Income).
    4. The Division is in possession of an executed Agreement to use Account for Low-Income Housing Welfare Set-Aside (obtained from the Division) signed by the Board of Commissioners/Supervisors, the Division and the Attorney General’s Office.

      To receive disbursements under this section, entities will submit the following items on a monthly basis:

        1. Welfare Set-Aside Program Request for Drawdown to request reimbursement of funds advanced to clients (available on the Division’s website).
        2. Applicant Information Form submitted at the same time as the Request for Drawdown (also available on the website).


          The following items are to be maintained in client files and are subject to review during annual audits:

            1. Complete Application Form;
            2. Evidence that applicant income does not exceed 60% of Median Income;
            3. Evidence that the client is located within Grantee’s jurisdiction;
            4. Documentation in the file to support the drawdown of Trust Funds
            5. Identification (if required by local agency). 

              In addition the Division will review the following items for the Welfare Set-Aside programs:

            6. Any written informational material provided to clients about the program;
            7. Outreach and marketing plan;
            8. Written procedures for determining which households should receive assistance and in what order they are chosen;
            9. If there is a waiting list, the Division will conduct an analysis to ensure tenants are selected from the list in the proper order.