What is Manufactured Housing


Created in 1979, we are responsible for the administration and enforcement of manufactured housing laws and regulations. Our goal is to protect the health and safety of owners and occupants of all manufactured structures as well as promoting business growth for the Manufactured Housing Industry in the State of Nevada.

    Manufactured Housing works to ensure that all manufactured homes, mobile homes and commercial coaches that are sold and delivered in Nevada are safely constructed and properly installed. Some of the services provided by our agency include:

    • Issuing "Certificates of Ownership"
    • Licensing manufactured home dealers, salesmen, servicemen, and rebuilders
    • Inspect and certify manufactured home production facilities
    • Approve plans for additions or modifications to manufactured homes
    • Inspect manufactured home installations
    • Resolve consumer and landlord/tenant complaints 

      Structures We Regulate

      NRS 489.113“Manufactured home” defined.

        NRS 489.120“Mobile home” defined.

          NRS 489.062 “Commercial coach” defined.

            NRS 489.133 “Portable building” defined.

              NRS 461.143 “Modular building” defined.

                NRS 461.080 “Factory-built housing” defined.