Homebuyer Assistance. Homeowner Rehabilitation, Rental Assistance & Developer Information

Homebuyer Assistance

  1. Funds must be used to purchase a primary residence, however, if you presently own a home, disposition of title must be concurrent with, or prior to, close of escrow for the new property (Local jurisdictions may restrict funding for first-time homebuyers only);
  2. Property must be owner occupied (property may not be sub-leased);
  3. Available only for dwellings which qualify as real property (i.e. mobile homes must be affixed to a foundation).

    Homeowner Rehabilitation

    1. Property must be owner occupied;
    2. Property must meet HOME maximum and minimum subsidy limits (the amount of funds allowed per unit);
    3. After-rehabilitation property value must not exceed 95 percent of the median property value limit for the area as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD);
    4. Property must meet, at a minimum, the Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS).

      Rental Assistance

      Funds may be allocated to local housing authorities to assist clients on their waiting lists for Section 8 Housing Vouchers. Please contact the following housing authorities for information regarding availability of assistance:

      • Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (702) 451-8041
      • Reno Housing Authority (775) 329-3630
      • Rural Housing Authority (Rural Areas) (775) 887-1795

        Developer Information

        The Division allocates HOME funds annually to Participating Jurisdictions based on the amount of funding received from HUD. Applications must be submitted to the Participating Jurisdiction located in the area of the proposed project.

          Eligible Activities
          HOME funds may be used to develop and support affordable rental housing through Acquisition, New Construction, Reconstruction, Moderate or Substantial Rehabilitation, Site Improvements, Conversion, Demolition and certain soft costs. HOME funds may also be used for technical assistance if the technical assistance is treated as a project cost and is a partial determinant of the term of affordability. Acquisition of vacant land or demolition must be undertaken only with respect to a particular housing project intended to provide affordable housing. HUD requires an Environmental Review of the proposed site and/or project be conducted prior to the execution of a contract with a Participating Jurisdiction.

            Participating Jurisdiction Contact Information
            Units of local governments, public Housing Agencies, private non-profit agencies, housing developers, sponsors, etc. wishing to receive HOME funding should direct their inquiries to the Participating Jurisdiction in the area of the proposed project:

            • Clark County Community Resource Management (702) 455-5025
            • City of Reno (775) 334-2578
            • City of Las Vegas (702) 229-6850
            • City of Henderson (702) 267-2025
            • All rural areas- Nevada Housing Division (800) 227-4960

              Program Contacts:

              Clark County Area:
              Clark County Community Resource Management (702) 455-5025
              City of Las Vegas (702) 229-5935
              City of Henderson (702) 267-2025
              Washoe County Area:
              City of Reno (775) 334-2578

              All other counties:
              Rural Nevada Development Corporation (RNDC) 1-866-404-5204 or (775) 289-8519