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Explore our Titling Services geared towards Manufactured Homes and Commercial Coaches!

Our dedicated Titling team specializes in serving various customers, including manufactured/mobile home dealers, financial institutions, title/escrow companies, legal offices, and individual homeowners. If you're buying or transporting a manufactured/mobile home into Nevada, we're here to ensure it’s properly installed and titled with the Division.

It's crucial to have the latest version of the title before transferring ownership of your home. You can obtain the latest title certificate by visiting our “Title Search” page. Simply click the "Title Search" link on the right-hand side of this page. Once you've located the home in question in the "Title Results," click on the corresponding "Title Number" link. This will take you to the full title record. From there, click the "Print Title Certificate" button to generate the latest Certificate of Ownership as a PDF. You can then print it out and use it to facilitate the transfer of ownership. Please note: Your title will display in a new window, so ensure that any pop-up blockers are turned off to view it.

If you encounter any difficulties obtaining the title, don't hesitate to email us at titles@housing.nv.gov for assistance. Additionally, if you have any titling questions, feel free to reach out to our team, and we'll be happy to assist you.

We're committed to providing you with the support and resources you need throughout the titling process of Manufactured Housing and Commercial Coaches.

    Certificate of Ownership

    The Manufactured Housing Division issues titles and maintains state records of ownership on manufactured homes, mobile homes and commercial coaches; we provide title searches, record liens placed on homes and issue Real Property Notices for homes converted to Real Property.

      State Statute requires NEW homes to be titled within 30 days of the sale (see NRS 489.501); for used home sales it is 45 days (see NRS 489.511 and NRS 489.521).

        The Certificate of Ownership (Title) contains information about the manufactured or mobile home.

          Structure Identification

          The structure information contains the name of the manufacturer of the home; the year it was manufactured; the size of the home; and the model and serial number.

          Please note that our records do not include the day and month of manufacturing for structures. If you require this information, particularly to determine if a structure is a HUD home, we recommend reaching out to IBTS. Through their website, you can purchase Verification Letters or Data Plate Reports, which provide comprehensive details regarding the manufacturing of the structure. These resources from IBTS can assist you in accurately identifying the specifications of the structure in question.


          The owner(s) may be an individual(s), business or Trust. If the home is being financed, the Certificate of Ownership will list the lienholder. The title will be e-mailed to the Contact(s), Owner(s), Lienholder(s) and appropriate County Assessor Office.

          Manufactured homes and mobile homes must also be registered with the county assessor’s office for collection of property taxes.

          Beneficiary Title

          This is a title that would convey ownership to the beneficiary or beneficiaries upon the death(s) of all titled owner(s).

          It is different from the JTWROS, because the beneficiary does not take ownership of the home until the passing of the titled owner(s).

          The names of the beneficiaries will appear in the section marked at TOD (Transfer on Death) on the face of the new title.

          How does it work?

          -The homeowners will provide the full legal names of all beneficiaries on a Certificate of Ownership that was obtained from the Division after August 23, 2022

          -The Division will issue a title naming the beneficiaries under the TOD section

          -Upon passing of the titled owners, the beneficiaries will provide the Division with a Certificate of Ownership that was obtained from the Division after August 23, 2022, Death Certificate(s) for titled owner(s) and a titling fee

          Important things to know

          -We need full legal names for all beneficiaries.

          -Beneficiaries must be 18 years of age or older.

          -Beneficiaries may be added and/or removed by titled owners at ANY time. A titling fee will apply each time a change to the record is made

          -In order to add or remove a beneficiary, ALL titled owners must have their signatures notarized on section ten of a Certificate of Ownership that was obtained from the Division after August 23, 2022

          Bonded Title

          We offer bonded titles as a solution for our manufactured housing customers when traditional title acquisition methods are unavailable. The following section outlines the key Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) that are integral to the Bonded Title Process:

          NRS 489.562: This statute governs the Bonded Titling process.

          NRS 489.251: Ensures that the home meets safety standards and undergoes inspection by our Division.

          NRS 489.561: Requires the Division to review titling applications and issue titles upon meeting requirements.

          How does the process work?

          1.  Interested applicants can contact us via email at titles@housing.nv.gov or by phone.

          2.  The titling clerk will conduct a title search to determine if the structure is already titled in our system or has been reported as dismantled. 

          3.  The structure undergoes safety and code compliance inspection. A permit will be pulled with a General Serviceperson with installation. They will perform all necessary work and pull the permit for either a single or multi-section home inspection with the Division. Our inspection team will conduct the necessary inspection once the work is completed by the General Serviceperson with installation.

          4.  Using information from the relevant county assessor, the Division establishes the most recent assessed value.

          5.  The bond amount is calculated at 1.5 times the assessed value.

          6.  Once the unit meets Division standards, we provide the applicant(s) with the Affidavit for Bonded Title (TL-113), along with any additional required documents and details on the bond purchase amount.

          7.  Applicants obtain the bond as principal through a qualified corporation, with the bonding company completing the appropriate section of the Affidavit for Bonded Title (TL-113).

          8.  Applicants notarize their signatures on the Affidavit, secure the county assessor's endorsement on the certificate of ownership (when necessary), and complete the bonding process.

          9.  All documents and fees are submitted to the Titling team at our Carson City office.

          It's important to note that titles obtained through our Bonded Titles program will be branded as "Issued - Bonded." After a period of three (3) years, the "Issued-Bonded" branding will be removed, and the title will reflect a pristine "Issued" status. Additionally, if a home is dismantled, the title's remarks will reference its previous "Issued-Bonded" status at the time of dismantling.

          While Bonded Titles facilitate ownership transfers within Nevada, we recommend verifying the acceptance of these titles by other agencies before relocating the unit outside the State of Nevada.

            Where can I get a title changed on a manufactured or mobile home?

            Titles or "Certificate of Ownership" are issued by the Division. You may mail your titling submissions to our Carson City office for processing. The fee is $60.00, per transfer.

            • Manufactured Housing Office
            • Nevada Housing Division
            • 1830 College PKWY, Suite 200
            • Carson City, NV 89706

            You may also visit one of our offices in person.  They are listed under the “Contacts” section of our website.

            If you have titling questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at titles@housing.nv.gov and a member of our titling team will be happy to assist you.

              Can I sell my home myself?

              Yes. Any homeowner may sell his or her personal residence (home). The seller should provide the buyer with the latest Certificate of Ownership. All signatures must be notarized. on the latest version of the Certificate of Ownership. Ensuring that property taxes are up to date is crucial for any buyer. To verify the payment status, buyers should reach out to their local County Assessor's Office directly. Once confirmed, the buyer will need to obtain an endorsement from the Assessor's Office on the latest Certificate of Ownership before submitting it to our Division for titling.

              It's important to note that many County Assessors now provide their endorsements via email for added convenience. If you receive a digital endorsement from the County Assessor, be sure to include it with your titling submission.

              However, please be aware that we strictly adhere to statutory requirements. We do not accept tax bills or printouts of County Assessor fees in lieu of the endorsement. This endorsement is a statutory requirement and must be obtained to complete the titling process accurately.  The new homeowner should submit their request for a new title to the Division within 30 days.

              Should you have any questions or concerns about Manufactured Housing titling requirement, our titling team would be most happy to assist you at titles@housing.nv.gov.

                Can the home be registered to a trust?

                Yes. You must complete the Affidavit of Trustee Appointment & Powers on section three of a Certificate of Ownership that was obtained from the Division after August 23, 2022 and all trustees or successor trustees must sign section ten. The Certificate of Ownership will be issued in the name of the trustee on behalf of the Trust.

                In rare instances where a trust is selling a home to another trust, an additional page containing Section Three must be completed. Each trustee involved must fill out their respective Section Three. This completed page will then be added to the titling submission.

                  Can the home be converted from personal property to real property?

                  Converting a home to real property involves several crucial steps to ensure compliance and approval. First and foremost, it's imperative to determine if the county where the home is located will accept it as real property. This can be verified by reaching out to the county assessor's office.

                  Following this, contacting the planning department is essential to ascertain any zoning regulations that may impact the conversion process.

                  If there is an existing lienholder, their agreement is necessary for the conversion process. We strongly advise reaching out to them before initiating any conversion work on the home.

                  Once the acceptability of the home is confirmed, collaboration with the local building jurisdiction becomes pivotal. This involves obtaining the necessary structural engineering assessments and permits. Notably, most building departments require a permit for a permanent foundation, including tie-down systems.  Should your county not require a permit, then the building official will be required to sign-on of on section five or provide you with a letter on letterhead stating they do not require a permit.

                  Upon completion of the required work, the next step is to complete and record the TL-110 Conversion Affidavit and submit the relevant documents to our Division. After the conversion paperwork is reviewed and approved by our Division, we will issue a Notice of Conversion to all pertinent parties, including contacts, owners, lienholders (if applicable), and the county assessor.

                  Required Paperwork:

                  Copy of Deed to Land

                  Certificate of Ownership– If the current owner(s) names do not match exactly with the names on the deed to the land, it will be necessary to transfer the home into the correct name using this document. Please note that if the name on the title record differs from that on the land deed, an additional titling fee of $60 will be incurred for this change to the record.

                  TL-110 Affidavit of Conversion to Real Property

                  TL-102 Lien Satisfied, Lien Holders Release on Certificate of Ownership or Letter of No Interest (When there is a lienholder listed on the current title.)

                  $60 Conversion Fee

                  It should be noted that additional items may be required based upon your unique titling situation.  Please contact our titling team with any questions at titles@housing.nv.gov.

                  Please Note:  The Conversion to Real Property is NOT complete until you have received a Real Property Notice from Manufactured Housing.

                    Title Search

                    Title Search

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