The Nevada Legislature has mandated that the Nevada Housing Division - Manufactured Housing ensure structures manufactured off site or in a manufacturing plant are constructed, transported, installed and repaired in a manner that provides a reasonable degree of safety and protection to the public. Chapters 489 and 461 of the Nevada Revised Statutes provide such authority.

    To insure compliance with the statute, the Division has adopted codes and standards to govern the construction, installation and repair of these structures. The Division requires permits and inspections to ensure quality of workmanship, safety and compliance through adopted regulations. Below is a list of project categories that require a permit. We have included the installation and repairs relating to safety for items such as; structural changes, electrical and plumbing repairs, roof replacement and other repairs and alterations that could affect the health and safety of the occupants. Permits, when required, must be issued by the Division before work can begin.

      To purchase a permit you will need to complete an "Online Permit Application". If you are a licensed service-person with the Nevada Housing Division, Manufactured Housing, you can now register and/or apply online. This new feature is the easiest and quickest way to obtain your permit. You will be required to pay online for your permit at the time of application by Credit Card Visa or MasterCard. If you are an Owner/Builder you must apply directly to the Division using the forms listed to the right under the permits section and provide appropriate documentation. You can then submit your request with all documents to If you are a licensed service-person and do not wish to use the online portal you may also apply directly to the division at the email listed above.

        When your project is ready for inspection, you must log back into the online permit application portal and request your inspection. The time it takes to complete an inspection from the date the inspection request is received may vary based on the location of the inspection and the staffing levels of the Division. The typical response time for an inspection is usually within 2-3 days and many are completed in as little as 1 day.

          If you are an Owner/Builder or did not use the online permit portal please complete the appropriate "Inspection Request Form" attach and submit it to

            Manufactured Housing has a plan review process to ensure your project starts out efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. Some projects require the submission of plans or a written scope of work before a permit can be issued. Those projects requiring a plan review prior to commencing are also listed below.

              Project Planning

              Effective December 24, 2014, all plan reviews and inspections must be performed
              according to the newly adopted codes below:

              2012 International Building Code from ICC;
              2012 International Residential Code for ICC;
              2012 International Energy Conservation Code from ICC;
              2012 Uniform Plumbing Code from IAPMO;
              2012 Uniform Mechanical Code form IAPMO;
              2011 National Electric Code from NFPA; and
              2012 NFPA 101 Life Safety Code from NFPA.

                Projects Requiring a Permit

                Installations: NAC 489.411
                Single wide Manufactured Home or Mobile Home
                Multi section Manufactured Home or Mobile Home
                Commercial Coach with plumbing (wet)
                Commercial Coach without plumbing (dry)

                  Electrical modifications; commercial and residential: NAC 489.411, NAC 489.486
                  Partial or complete electrical construction, re-construction, or additions
                  Distribution panel replacement
                  Partial or complete conversion from gas to electric or electric to gas
                  *No permit is required for cooking ranges and cord and plug portable appliances.*

                    Plumbing modifications; commercial and residential: NAC 489.411
                    Partial or complete construction, re-construction, or additions to the:

                    • Water supply system
                    • Drain, waste and vent system
                    • Gas, LPG, of oil fuel systems

                    Water heater installation or replacement
                    **Hydronic system connected to the home water supply
                    High or low pressure gas line test

                      HVAC / Mechanical modifications; commercial or residential: NAC 489.411, NAC 489.510
                      Partial or complete construction, re-construction, or additions to the duct systems
                      Furnace installation or replacement
                      Installation or replacement of other heat producing devices
                      Install, reconstruct, alter, or replace solid fuel burning devices (wood, pellet or other)
                      Air Conditioner installation or replacement

                        Structural modifications; commercial or residential: NAC 489.411
                        **Partial or complete construction, re-construction, or additions (includes roof systems)
                        Re-roof or repairing 25% or more existing roof systems
                        **Framing or other structural remodels

                          Accessory structures additions; commercial or residential: NAC 489.470, NAC 489.486
                          **Lightweight metal accessory structures attached to home
                          **Other accessory structures / additions adjoined to the home (engineering required) Accessory structures freestanding or adjoined not constructed of lightweight metal

                            **Indicates the inspection requires Manufactured Housing Division approved plans onsite