Multi-Family Compliance Manuals & Exhibits

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Multi-Family Policies & Procedures Manual Exhibits

Exhibit C.1 Owner/Management Contact Information Form

Exhibit C.2 Certification of Utility Allowance

Exhibit C.3 Non-Profit Addendum to Owner's Certification of Continuing Program Compliance

Exhibit F Post Year 15 LIHTC Compliance & Monitoring Procedures

Exhibit NV-1a Tenant Income Certification Addendum

Exhibit NV-1c LIHTC Program Alternate Certification

Exhibit NV-2c Self-Employment Affidavit - Existing Business

Exhibit NV-2c.1 Self-Employment Certification - New Business

Exhibit NV-2d Unemployed/Non-Employed Applicant Affidavit

Exhibit NV-2f LIHTC Affidavit of Alimony/Child Support

Exhibit NV-2g Self-Certification of Unborn Child/Adoption/Custody